Imagine, I have won five first trophies in Italy and France in 2015 and 2016

Two in Cesenatico, Italy

Two in Cannes, France

One in Monaco

Trofeo Mercurio d’oro per arte 2016

Premio Oscar per arti visive 2015

Trofeo le vela d’oro per l’arte 2016

Grand prix de la cote d’azur 2015

Grand prix des arts visue ls 2016

About me.

I exhibit and has exhibited widely in most of Western Europe: Italy, France, England, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Holland and also in the US.

But of course I have exhibited mostly in Denmark.

I am a member of several art books, in art journals published in the US, Italy and Germany.

I have always been creative and everything I've worked with are creatively!

  • I have an education as Embroidery Designer in Business.
  • Full-time folkhigh school art teacher.
  • Education as arttherapist.
  • 1980 Debut and ongoing participation by invited exhibitions.
  • 2005 - Professional artist with exhibitions in Denmark, Sweden, Norvay, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Austria, USA.
  • I have won several awards in Italy, France and USA 2015-16.
  • Author of Form and Composition, Form and Fantasy.
  • Book illustrator.


International Art Contest may 31, 2018

I am one of the 15 winners of the contest on a global scale !!!

Congratulations to our Winners...Edna Coatsworth - Eileen Starr Moderbacher - Diane Morgan -  Nick Maitland - Judy McPhee - Lauren Kinghorn - Patricia Haskey Danielle Davis - Ingo Leth - Tove Andresen - Bert Liverance Michael E Mullen -  Brenda Hurley- Dana Hursey - Wendy Thomas